About Us

Company Profile:

       Khorgas IPFSBIT Technology Co., Ltd., brand: IPFSBIT, is a blockchain technology company with strong internet background. The core team of the company consists of former employees from Baidu, 360, Sdo, Canonical and other domestic and international Internet and IT companies, of which 80 % employees have 10 years of work experience. They both have profound technical insight and successful product experience in hardware, operating system and the Internet. The development of decentrlized tenchnology like blockchain is a reconstruction of the increasingly centralized Internet. The current state of the Interent demands disruptive changes. With a keen sense of smell and a solid technical background, we strive to be the next leader of the Internet.

          Vision and mission:

          To be the blockchain distributed storage leader.

          The company's core products are: distributed storage server, IPFS customized operating system, large-scale distributed storage management system. We combine hardware, software and the Internet to provide a one-stop solution which is available for everyday use and can enable everyone to participate in the blockchain technology.

Team Introduction

We are a group of hardware geeks, we have long term experience in hardware, operating systems, the Internet. Blockchain is for the next wave of Internet innovation, and IPFS is the leader in the blockchain. We strive to be the leader in the IPFS ecosystem.